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#Meetthetteam - Fleur Lewis, Depot Administrator

#Meetthetteam - Fleur Lewis, Depot Administrator


Disney super-fan, raver and amateur dramatics volunteer!

Born in Northampton Fleur moved to Brackley in 2002 when her dad, a mechanical engineer coincidentally, moved to work at the Mini plant in Oxford. Fleur has an older sister and brother, and has worked at the Brackley depot for over 5 years. Fleur is getting married to her Fiancé Chris Brown on 8 April this year.

What is your favourite part of the job? I like the fact that every day is different; some days we are rushed off our feet and then the next day it will be calmer, followed by another hectic day, and so it goes on. The people are lovely too.

What is the worst part of the job? Filing! I hate it but I make sure I do it regularly so that I don’t get a backlog 

What would be your dream job? I’d love to work at Disneyland Paris. I’ve visited a few times and absolutely love it! I think it would be great fun to work there as I’m such a huge fan of Disney movies.

FLEUR FACT: Fleur is such a big fan of Disney that the theme of her forthcoming wedding is Tangled

Favourite food?  Roast lamb and Chocolate Fudge Cake [both of which are being served at the wedding]

Which country would you most like to travel to?  India. My dad is from Calcutta and it’s definitely on my bucket list.

Of what personal or professional achievement are you most proud?  Last year I exercised every day for 3 months to raise money for Alzheimer’s and managed to fundraise quite a bit for the charity.  I felt a real sense of achievement doing that.

What might people not know about you?  I am the Treasurer for a great amateur dramatics’ society called the Brackley Players. We put on some great plays and pantos, and I also get involved with the Front of House. I also love going to raves!

Have you ever met anyone famous? I once met the Chuckle Brothers [we’re not sure they count Fleur!]

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